Get married in Tuscany!

Saying "I do" to each other overlooking the Tuscan hills, dining al fresco at long tables and enjoying great Italian food.

Getting married in Italy is an experience you and your guests won't forget soon!

Day 1 - Arrival

Driving through the Tuscan hills you will arrive at our fully restored Fattoria 'Le Valli'.

The interpretation of the arrival day varies from wedding to wedding. Some guests will arrive by car (1,410 km from Utrecht) others by plane (Pisa or Florence). Some guests will extend their visit to your wedding with a (short) vacation before or after your wedding.

Guests can check in on arrival day from 10:00 am and make themselves comfortable in their room or apartment beforehand. We make sure the beds are made and the refrigerator is stocked.

The best thing is to organize a reception, a festive start to your wedding days!

Once all guests have checked in, they are invited to a drinks reception by the pool. This can be done with a glass of prosecco, cocktail or real Italian limoncello. We serve an extensive antipasti (variety of Italian meats, cheese and other savories) with this.

Day 1 - Dinner & Evening Program

For the first dinner, an informal dinner is usually chosen. At our BBQ & Pizza barn, we create an intimate atmosphere and you will dine at cozy round tables. It is possible to choose a BBQ/Pizza buffet or a Pizza workshop to do something fun and eat together.

After dinner, you can have after-dinner drinks or engage in an activity. So we can organize a movie night, pool party or a game for you. See our activity offerings for inspiration!

Day 2 - Breakfast & Morning Program.

After the first overnight stay in our cozy rooms, we will welcome you for breakfast. This consists of an extensive buffet with freshly baked breads and local produce. We serve breakfast on the terrace or in our restaurant.

Morning program guests
Your guests will have this morning to themselves. They can relax by the pool, visit a local village or we can organize an activity for them. Think for example of a cooking workshop, Limoncello workshop or sports activities.

Morning bridal program
After breakfast, it is time to change your clothes, hair and makeup.

Day 2 - Lunch & Afternoon Program.

After the morning program we will serve lunch, you can choose from a lunch buffet with various focaccia breads, fruits and other delicacies or a picnic at the edge of the woods. As a bridal couple, you can choose to have lunch with your guests or do this as a couple.

Afternoon program guests
After lunch we have a wonderful Italian tradition: a siesta! Just unwind, maybe even an afternoon nap. Of course, it is also possible to organize an activity

Afternoon bridal program
After lunch, you too have a moment to unwind after which the time for the photo shoot has arrived. There are several historic towns, vistas and beautiful nature in the area.

Day 2 - Ceremony

Once the sun has dropped a bit and the Tuscan colors are at their best, it's time to seal your love for each other. We have two unique ceremony sites overlooking the hills, olive grove or with the historic city of Volterra in the background.

You can entrust the styling of the ceremony to us. We have several options in terms of colors, flowers and fabrics.

After toasting to your happiness, there will be an opportunity to take photos with family and friends. At Le Valli we have many beautiful photo spots in our botanical garden, orchard or at our forest.

Day 2 - Dinner & Evening

Dine alfresco with breathtaking views and many lights. We will serve a sumptuous four-course Italian menu at a long table this evening for the real "Italy feeling. The menu is based on the season and local produce.

An assortment of savory appetizers, think Italian dried ham, olives, mozzarella, grapes and cheese.

Pasta! We serve different types of pasta and sauces, both with meat, fish and vegetarian.

Secondi & contorni
The main course consists of meat and fish with side dishes. In consultation we determine which types of meat/fish will be most appreciated by your party.

Italian desserts are popular worldwide, Tiramisu, fruit, Panna cotta and more! We finish dinner with a "digistivo" by the pool.

Day 3 - Breakfast & Farewell

We will conclude your wedding with a communal breakfast, chat about yesterday and say goodbye.

The interpretation of the departure day varies from wedding to wedding. Some guests will leave by car or plane at different times, others will stay an extra night or extend their visit with a vacation.


The location

Le Valli (The Valleys) is a fully restored Tuscan Fattoria about 250 years old. The property has been skillfully restored while retaining historic features. For example, you will find an ancient chapel in apartment Rome and apartment Volterra has a water ornament.

There are many facilities such as a large swimming pool, restaurant/bar and, in mid-2024, a small-scale movie theater.

There is also plenty of space outside. The plot is three acres and has, in addition to a botanical garden, a piece of grassland and forest where different parts of the wedding can take place.

The location is accessible by car (1,410km from Utrecht) and by plane (Pisa or Florence).


When you marry with us, the entire venue is exclusive to your party. Our location has 7 rooms and 8 apartments with a total of 24 bedrooms. Including sofa beds and voids with beds, it can accommodate 60 guests.

The rooms have a well-kept look with each having its unique decor. The apartments have a private terrace, the luxury apartments with lounge chairs.

Apartment Volterra (the city that Le Valli overlooks) is our love suite and in use as a honeymoon suite during your stay. With a luxurious bath in the room, plenty of space and luxurious furnishings a wonderful place to stay during your wedding with us.

Bed linen and towels are included.

Breakfast & Lunch

Italy is known for its great food! The sunshine, the love with which products are handled gives extra flavor to everything that comes to the table. At Le Valli, we work with local products.

We start the day with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Weather permitting, we serve these on our terrace. Various baked breads, fresh salads, cold cuts, cheeses and jams.

For lunch, we have two options:

Lunch buffet
The lunch buffet includes a variety of Italian dishes such as bruschetta, caprese, stuffed focaccia and salads.

Grab the picnic baskets and find a nice spot at the edge of the woods! Picnic baskets are filled with sandwiches, fruit and Italian delicacies.


We want to be an accessible venue with "just good food. We do not aspire to culinary status but enjoy good food and have fun making it. We provide three menus:

Pizza night
There is nothing more fun than getting your hands dirty with friends and family by making pizza together. Conviviality, good food and something for everyone.

BBQ evening
With two Komado grills and a charcoal BBQ, we provide elaborate BBQs. Perfectly paired with Italian salads, sauces and freshly baked bread.

Italian dinner
Dine at long tables under the Tuscan sun. Antipasti, primi, secondi and of course dolci are served as a shared dinner to enjoy hours of Italian cuisine with your family and friends.


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Voorgerecht, bieten carpaccio met geitenkaas


Get married with the Tuscan hills and the historic city of Volterra in the background, or do you prefer a view over a field of olive trees? At Le Valli, we have two romantic places to conduct the ceremony. Your guests can be seated on white wedding chairs or wooden crossback chairs and, of course, we will decorate the ceremony to your liking.

ceremonie (1)


Besides the amazing setting and historic building, decorations such as flowers, lanterns and table decorations do complete the wedding. We have several options for every part of the day. From table arrangements (round tables or long tables) with or without tablecloths, candlesticks, napkins and decorations in your theme colors. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs.



At Le Valli there is all kinds of things to do! Both on location, we offer various activities such as a limoncello workshop, archery, jeux de boules competition, a creative workshop or cooking workshop. But also outside Le Valli we can organize activities, think of a truffle hunt, a visit to one of the Tuscan cities, a visit to the beach or a fun puzzle tour.


The prize

We are not a high-end venue, not a culinary venue and not an exclusive venue. We want to host beautiful weddings at fair prices. Informal, accessible and fun!

Transparency and knowing where you stand is important to us: no surprises afterwards. Still, a wedding program consists of many different parts, choices can make it more expensive or cheaper, and there are many options.

Indicative price:
The program described at the beginning of this page (2 nights, 3 days) based on 40 people is €18,640 (additional guest €260 p.p.). This includes:

Location completely private for your guests

Overnight accommodations incl. bedding

2x breakfast, 2x dinner, 3x appetizers

Drinks (partly served partly self-service)

Ceremony incl. chairs and decoration

Basic table and venue decoration

Excl. transport

Excl. photographer, musician/DJ, wedding cake

The organization

Our team consists of five Dutch people with a common passion for organizing weddings!

Together we have run four different wedding venues in the Netherlands in 13 years and have had the pleasure of accompanying more than 1,200 couples on one of the most beautiful days of their lives.

From ceremony to party night, church services, multicultural weddings and weddings between same-sex lovers. We got to experience an awful lot of fun, touching, special and crazy moments.

2023 we decided together to slow down and plans came to move to Italy. With great enthusiasm, we are opening Le Valli in the fall of 2023 and will settle permanently in beautiful Tuscany from the end of 2024.

Our team is perfectly matched and can work well together. Everyone has their own specializations and the experience to work together to organize an amazing wedding for you.

Styling, food, drinks, accommodation and even the honeymoon we can take care of for you. Because we have all the supplies in-house, we do not work with wedding planners. We will guide you from A to Z. This saves on costs allowing us to cater your wedding for an attractive price!

We are excited, now what?

Super nice that you are excited and want to learn more about the opportunities at Le Valli! We cater weddings in May, June and September, beginning in May 2025 at this location.

Step 1: Send us an email ( with your preferred date and any questions.

Step 2: You will receive from us the link to put together your own quote so you can discuss all the components at your leisure.

Step 3: After receiving the quote (and you are still enthusiastic) we would like to invite you for a personal meeting in the Netherlands to get acquainted and discuss your quote and wishes in person.

Step 4: Italy! A visit to Le Valli to experience everything there in real life. Come spend the night, come eat, and see all the beautiful places our location has to offer. The cost of this "trial weekend" will be deducted from the quote if you decide to book with us!

Step 5: If you book with us, further contact is by e-mail (you may also visit us, of course). We respond promptly and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Step 6: The final interview we take care of in the Netherlands, just to go over everything like decorations, room arrangement, arrival times etc.

Step 7: The Wedding! We would love to welcome you and our team to make it great days!

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